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January 27, 2010

101 in 1001

So I saw this post about setting 101 goals in 1001 days, she just started.  It was inspired by this post which is from a woman who just finished!  It was really fun to see what both of these women chose, especially what the second woman did and didn't accomplish.  I really LOVE this!  I've spent the last few days getting my list whittled down to only 101 things!  Harder than you think.  Knowing we'll be poor college students takes certain goals or interests out easily.  And knowing I have 2 and 3/4 years allows me to set some goals I wouldn't be able to with a shorter window of time!  I grew up setting goals and I think it's a great way to really get stuff done.  So I'll be posting on my various blogs (depending on if they are personal, crafty or food) when I complete them.   In fact I already have a few in the works (the curtains for the bunk beds).  This list if full of stuff I've wanted to do for years, weeks or even just days.  I putting them out here in the blogshere to hold myself accountable.  Some are not hard but time consuming and some are hard, I think I found a good mix of stuff I might have gotten done without this list and others I'm really trying to challenge myself with.  So without further ado...  My 101 goals to complete in 1001 days.

1. start etsy store
2. create line of molds for cakes and cupcakes for store
3. get my food license when we move within 90 days
4. get my business license when we move within 90 days
5. get the new cricut cake
6. triple the amount of wonky cakes for my gallery of cakes
7. get a website for cakes
8. make 6 wedding cakes in one year
9. pay off pre phd student loans
10. pay off van
11. sell Houston home
12. support the family at least one month completely by the end of the second year
13. sell vacation ownership
14. up our life insurance
15. make chore chart
16. create savings account for kids
17. get piano
18. put kids in piano lessons (at least older 2)
19. put younger kids in something, like gymnastics
20. create and stick to a tight monthly budget
21. potty train P and S
22. train the pig
23. get S's middle name changed legally
24. video at least 4 family events a year
25. go on a date with my husband once a month for a year
26. go on a parent child date once a month (each child gets 3 a year)
27. get Bill's wedding ring fixed
28. take a family vacation every year
29. go camping once a year
30. take kids waterskiing
31. have Thursday game nights every week for 6 months
32. do FHE WELL 50 out of 52 weeks
33. have family prayer once a day for a year
34. visit the temple once a month for 12 months
35. read scriptures every day for 4 months
36. hang pictures within a month of moving
37. get family proclamation or something else fun in vinyl
38. create display or shadow box for blessing outfits
39. raise master bed (so pig can fit underneath
40. learn Japanese (conversational)
41. exercise in some way 3 times a week for 4 months
42. update food blog twice a week for a year
43. update craft blog twice a week for a year
44. read each book I've bought, or buy
45. throw 2 adult parties every year (not THAT kind)
46. start a garden
47. can some kind of food 4 times a year
48. learn to make tamales
49. start an iron chef dinner group
50. make my own yogurt, don't buy any for a month
51. make my own cream cheese at least twice
52. take photography class
53. make and print blurb book for 2007
54. make and print blurb book for 2008
55. make and print blurb book for 2009
56. make and print blurb book for 2010
57. make and print blurb book for 2011
58. make and print blurb book for 2013
59. start blurb books for pre-blog years
60. make baptism slideshow for J
61. make baptism slideshow for p
62. scan all negatives (7 albums)
63. master photoshop
64. update large multi picture frame yearly
65. make silhouette art of some kind of the kids
66. learn to create scrapbooking papers and kits
67. make moveable growth chart
68. create picture frame, dry erase calendar
69. make seasonal wreaths, here,
70. use Dremel for cherry blossom art of some kind
71. etch some kind of glass
72. learn to use a pottery wheel
73. learn some glass blowing
74. buy a jig saw and make something
75. finish crochet turtle for Chelsea
76. make crochet fruit
77. make crochet princess dolls
78. make crochet tool set
79. finish B's crochet swirl skirt and make one for S
80. learn to knit, make one full project
81. knit a full sweater
82. make a petti skirt
83. sew window treatments
84. make curtains for kids bunk beds
85. make skirt for myself
86. make seasonal placemats
87. paint extra large sumi-e canvas
88. paint master bedroom in new house
89. paint kids room(s) in new house
90. paint a wall with magnetic paint
91. paint a wall with chalkboard paint
92. make my first quilt
93. finish JAP cross stitch
94. make nativity candles
95. make stocking holders
96. make Christmas wreath
97. finish Christmas cross stitch stocking
98. make stocking for everyone
99. make tree skirt
100. make a Christmas quilt
101. make homemade Christmas gifts for sisters and parents

So October 24th 2012 here I come!