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February 1, 2010

#68 a picture frame dry erase calendar

Yeah!  First goal completed only 100 left!  I'm new to blogging my crafts and I completely forgot to take a picture of the frame and picture before I started!  You'd think after blogging for almost 3 years now I would be better prepared! 
white board calendar picture frame glass
Anyway I saw this idea and fell in love, Here and Here.  They both have great tutorial's, I didn't take enough pictures.  I'll do better next time.  Anyway we're in my mother in law's basement without a lot of room.  So I decided on a 16x20 frame.  I found this awful yellow one at Thrift Town for $2.  First I spray painted it Crimson red.
spray paint picture frame red
Then I sprayed over it with Semi Gloss Black, while it was still wet I took a cloth and lightly wiped over the top.  The places where it was rubbed the red showed through.  It matches the other frames in the room very well now.  I was really pleased with how well it turned out actually.
spray paint picture frame black red
It's so hard to get a picture of the details, especially with the glossy finish.  But here is the best close up I was able to get.  It's a nice subtle look and I love it!
spray paint picture frame calendar dry erase
Then Following the directions from the other blogs I drew the calender and days of the week on the inside of the frame with permanent marker.  When I went looking through my fabric box I couldn't find anything light enough for the back of the frame.  Apparently I like dark colors, so I'll have to keep any eye on the sale and scrap items at the fabric stores.  But for now I used some tan craft paper.  It's a bit wrinkled but it will do for now.  So next just fill in and enjoy!  I put it right by the door that leads upstairs so we can all see it and add to it anytime we leave the safety of our basement.
picture frame white board calendar

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