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January 24, 2010

Newest project supplies!

So I've had this project in mind for almost a year now.  I've been slowly collecting the supplies.  One of the reasons it hasn't gone quicker is because I haven't had my sewing machine unpacked (or room for it) so there really wasn't a point.  But last week I rearranged my "corner" to include a small table so I can sew!  So here are the supplies:  Some wire curtain hangers and hooks.
And 4 different fabric options (one for each kid).  I also got the thread!  I'm SO excited to get started! Now I just need to clean off the new table so I can put the sewing machine on it (the second it got put up a bunch of junk got placed on it!)
So where is this fabric going to go?  We're living with my in-laws right now and all four kids are in the same bedroom.  And it's sometimes hard to find some alone time.  So the plan is to make curtains for each kids' bed!  Here is the boys bunk (their actually sleeping in them right now, that's why the blankets are in bunches!).
The girl's beds...  I'm not sure where the youngest is?  I think she rolled over onto the beanbag.  Anyway..  I wanted matching curtains, but I figured it was better for the kids if I let them pick out their own.  So in the end good mommy won over OCD-matching-alphabetizing mommy.  Yeah for me!  Now if only the rest of the day had gone as well!