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February 28, 2010

Frosted Glass Mirror! #71 "etch" some kind of glass

I was actually inspired by Roadkill Rescue at Infarrantly Creative.  I read her post and really wanted to win the prize, I thought what do I have that I got for free that I can re-make?  And I remembered this mirror that my sister in law was going to give to DI and my husband rescued thinking I'd like it.  I actually didn't get it done in time, I missed it by a day.  But maybe next time. 
old mirror roadkill rescue
First I taped off the mirror and spray painted the frame black.  Then distressed it a bit.  I'd like to rub a dark gloss onto it, but don't have one available.  When I get some I'll go back and finish off the frame. 
old mirror paint
I don't have a vinyl cutter, or a Cricut, so I planned out the mirror words and printed them off on paper. I ran them through my Xyron machine to turn then into stickers and stuck them together.  I couldn't find my sharp craft scissors so I had to use normal ones.  I cut out all the large words, but without the super small and sharp ones that was the best I could do, still trying to get it done in one day. 
words bathroom mirror
I used bathroom related words and changed fonts and sizes for every word.  After cutting out what I could I took off the backing and stuck it to the mirror.  You can see the smaller words that didn't get cut out.  I'm hoping to go back and re print and cut out those words later.  I used bathroom related words and changed fonts and sizes for every word. 
words cut out sticker mirror stencil
Then I pressed the sticker/paper to the mirror using a credit card, just like you would do with a vinyl stencil.  I didn't want any bubbles that the etching could get through and mess up the words. 
mirro stencil sticker cut out bathroom words
I taped off every part of the frame so the etching couldn't get through. 
mirror frame preperation
And instead of using etching cream I discovered and fell in love with this great new product.  Frosted Glass in a spray can!  Crazy easy, looks just like etched glass AND the best part if I don't like it later I can clean off the "frosted glass" and do something else!  I'm counting it as #71 because what I wanted from this goal was something that looked like this, not necessarily having to use the cream to get it.  Yup a rare picture of me.  Gotta love pictures taken by kids that you find on your camera later.  Like the new cut?  Not that you can see it.  I'll try to remember to take a new picture to update the sidebar one. 
frosted glass spray paint words mirror
It's a smallish basement bathroom so it's hard to get a good angle for a good picture.  You can't really see the writing, but I LOVE it!  It makes the room feel bigger having a mirror on both sides of the room.  And it's super fun having these bathroom mirrors. 
mirror bathroom words frosted glass finished