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January 30, 2010

knitting update or #80

So I've been working on goal #80, learn to knit and make one full project.  The learning part is coming along but finding the right first project has been rough. I tired a hat, but my circular needles were WAY too long, I think I'll have to get some double sided ones.  Then I fell in LOVE with this scarf, but there weren't free directions and who know how long it will take me to get around to buying the book.  I tried to make it up myself, I got the general gist, but obviously it's not right because it was just too hard to cable the third cross over every time.  And looking at the scarf pictures on blogs all over I could tell it wasn't right.  so I'll save it for another day and I kept looking around, looking around...
scarf knit cable
I few years ago, actually more like 6 or 8 years ago, I was watching TV and fell in LOVE with this twisted cowl scarf thing I saw on one of the actresses.  I've looked everywhere trying to find a pattern for it.  I've looked up every keyword I could think of all for nothing.  And while looking for instructions for the above scarf idea I came across a Moebius scarf.  A twisted scarf!  It was perfect!  So after looking at dozens of moebius and twisted scarfs I found a pattern I really like.  So my first kniting project is officially started!!!
moebius scarf burgundy knit cowl