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April 5, 2010


So I have this blog that I just started in January, I have a cake/food blog that I started back in 2007, AND I have a private personal blog with all the fun stuff about my kids and day to day life.  That's a lot of blogs.  When I started looking around at craft blogs I decided to start a new blog and keep my crafts and food's separate.  But now I'm questioning that decision.

Background:  My husband is supposed to be starting a PHD program in the fall, but we're worried about funds.  So I've been trying to build up my cake business as well as an etsy store to try to support our family over the next 5 years until he's done and has a job somewhere.  But it's not working and it looks like I might have to go get a "real" job in addition to parenting our 4 asperger children.

Posting on both blogs, trying to get followers for both, and working on selling stuff on Etsy as well as my wedding/birthday cakes is actually lots of fun.  But when I'm crafting my food blog is suffering, when I'm cooking my crafts are suffering.  SOOOOOOO  the whole point of this point.  Do you think it's better to have the food and crafts separate, or would it be okay to merge the two blogs and have crafts and food/cakes, on the same blog?

Edited to add: any suggestions for a name if I put them together?  Stick with Corner Crafts, or Bittersweet Cake shop or mix the two to be Bittersweet Craft Shop ORRRR  Something totally new???