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April 2, 2010

Giveaway winner!

So I was supposed to post this at midnight on the 31st, but I was out of town for spring break.  I knew when I set the deadline I would be gone, but what I didn't realized was that the family condo I was staying at didn't have internet access!  AARGH!

So without further ado...

So I used that thing'y but when I tried to post it it kept going back to 1 through 100, how are the rest of you giveaway blogger adding that to a post? Anyway from numbers 1 to 120 (comments and followers- here, twitter, facebook...) the winner was lucky number 4.

"Nelly said...

Super cute socks!

Congrat's Nelly!  Email me at with your shipping address and what size(s) and colors you want and I'll get those off to you!  Thank's to all who commented, or became followers on my various sites!  What should I do for my next giveaway next month?  Silhouette jewelery?  Canvas?  Zipper purse?