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April 6, 2010

Better late than never... Our Eggs!

easter eggs decorating dying
We tried a few different tecniques trying to come up with something easy enough for the kids, with lots of fun and different options.  We tried stickers that you take off, they got all wet and gummy and were difficult to get off.  We tried rubber bands, but they kept slipping off the eggs.  We tried glue that you could rub off when dry, didn't come off... So when looking around various drawers for inspiration we found this green tape.
tape decorated dyed easter egg
It was great!  The kids could all use it easily, we could do all kinds of different looks, and it was fun!  Since we were out of town all last week (spring break, meeting my new nephew!) we didn't get to our eggs until Easter itself.  It was a fun afternoon activity and I'm glad we didn't miss out!
finished decorated easter eggs dyed