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April 16, 2010

Flashback Friday- 2nd birthday party

I totally forgot I hadn't filled this out before I set it to automatically update. Anyway. This was my oldest 2nd birthday. Way before I began making cakes. It was her first real party with friends, and that makes it my first real birthday party too! Since my mom, sister and niece were visiting we actually threw this party the month before her birthday, just after Easter, so I picked a spring theme. It was the perfect weather, April in AZ, and we had a great time. An egg hunt, food, a few other games and just a short 1 hour gathering. It really wasn't much, but I was still newish to the area and wanted to get to know the other mom's.
Co cupcakes with green coconut grass and peeps.
Chow mein nests, with chocolate eggs
And jell-o eggs with bunny marshmallows in them.  I used plastic eggs, and it was a major problem.  I now have the jello molds and we still like to make these every year.  This year our holiday boxes are all in storage, but next year.  The kids like to pick what they want to put in the center to surprise the other family members.  It's fun!  The main part of this 2 year old party (most of the guest were even younger) my daughter and neice helped us out with the decorating by putting out all the eggs for us!  It was short, sweet, easy and fun!