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April 20, 2010


craft room mess tri beads glass alphabet child
So Little S turned 3 on Friday!  She doesn't know yet though!  We're doing her party on Saturday, so we'll treat that as her real birthday too.  We're also moving around some stuff downstairs.  My sister in law is moving upstairs so we have more room downstairs since we'll be staying longer so I'm moving my "office" out of the corner of the living room into the actual office!  AND it all has to be done before the party so there is room for all the 3 year olds!  And during today's shower this is what I found!  She opened 2 glass jars of my beads and spilled them EVERYWHERE!
tri beads craft clean up mess floor child
There were beads from the bathroom to the back door and through 3 rooms and a hall.  But the beads weren't the biggest mess.  THAT was the spilled Mod Podge all over the wall, table, scripture case, self healing mat, storage box, carpet, poster board etc...
mod podge craft glue mess spill child
It looks crazy blue on this black case with the flash!  Funny... I made the mistake of trying to clean it up.  I should have just waited until it was dry and peeled it up!  I did have to toss some stuff, but not everything, and I was able to clean most stuff.  The cut mat is looking rough though.  It's wiped off, but there is a sheen in certain area's and it's a bit tacky? in some areas.
mod podge craft glue mess child trouble