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April 15, 2010

DON'T don't do this at home

So today was just not my day. First this, and now a totally simple craft completely ruined because I'm lazy.  I wan't to make Dr. Seuss shirts for the family for the birthday party coming up.  I decided to try the freezer paper stencils that I've seen all over the place lately.  After reading these clear and simple instruction's from Dana at Made I went to collect supplies.  I got everything I needed, but when I was buying the fabric paint they didn't have red or black in the regular paint, only in the spray paint.  I figured it would be even easier and better so instead of trying another store I got them.  Apparently I didn't read Dana's instructions clearly enough...  BIG MISTAKE!  Don't EVER get the spray paint if you are using a stencil.  I'm sure they are great for certain looks, just not the one I was going for.
fabric spray paint don't use runs spreads mess
It started out simply enough.  I printed off the image I wanted and cut it out.  This was a bit on the detailed side, but I figured all the examples of freezer paper stencils' I've seen look so crisp and nice that it would be okay.  WRONG.
dr seuss freezer paper stencil cat in the hat shirt mess
The ironing was the best part of the next few steps.  When I started to spray the color on I should have realized what would happen when I saw how thin it sprayed out.  But no!  I sprayed red first over a few key areas, then let it dry and added more freezer paper over the red to create the black lines.
dr seuss freezer paper stencil cat in the hat shirt mess spray paint
I could see it soaking into the shirts, good, right???  Then it dried and I took off the freezer paper...
dr seuss freezer paper stencil cat in the hat shirt mess spread
Mess, but at least you can tell what it's supposed to be.  I was scared to take the next freezer paper off.  I actually was able to get the right kind of paint in white so my circles worked out just fine, but the thinner black freezer paper over the top?  Not pretty.  You can't even read it!  It actually looks better in this picture than in real life~  Crazy.  So what next?  I'm going to give up on the shirts until some other stuff is done, and if I have time try again!  And hey, now my hubby and I have matching shirts for painting the basement!
thing one thing two dr seuss shirt mess homemade ruined