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April 15, 2010

Kiss the pig

A few weeks ago I got a call from the librarian at B's school, Spectrum Acadamy. I thought it was about B reading too much, or not returning books maybe. But it was about George!?! She, the Librarian, wanted to encourage the kids to sell book at the book fair, so when B told her about George it gave her an idea.  She wanted to use George as part of her incentiveprogram.  She asked if she could advertise that if the kids sold 300 books that Miss Jamie, the Principle, would have a "date" with George and have to kiss him at the end.  I said sure!  Well the kids did it (sold enough books), and they LOVED the idea of the pig.  She said she was shocked at how EXCITED everyone was.  In fact when I got to the school they have fliers and pig stuff all over!  So cute.  Monday was the big day and my daughter told me about this video tonight!  So here is the (very long and needs to be edited, but I didn't film it) video! (yes, that's me holding George)