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March 7, 2010

First Quilt started! (#92)

So I brought down the extra table and moved around some stuff in my corner "craft room" to fit it in.  Then cleaned off my desk...  Of course within hours the new table was FULL.  After a few weeks I FINALLY got that cleaned off as well this weekend.  I unpacked my sewing machine, oiled it up and did a practice project.

I ordered my fabric and got to work. First I picked which colors would go where and and I also designed my layout.  I started my cutting the small squares and then the strips for the first squares.  
first quilt squares cut out
Started sewing...
first quilt starting squares cutting
Yeah!  My first squares!  I made 58 of these!  I also made some of the longer rectangles before I ran out of the moda jelly roll I bought.  The original quilt design was for a lap quilt and I switched it up to a queen size for my bed, so I needed more fabric.
first quilt squares finished
Anyway, I pieced together what I could without those last 18 rectangles and here it is!!!  hopefully the Jelly roll will get here soon and I can finish up!  I'm so excited and really enjoying it so far.
first section done piecing quilt