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March 8, 2010

Book pages wreath

I've been loving all the new craft blogs I've discovered and started following.  What great ideas and inspiration.  I have no idea who started this!  But it's all over the place!  So easy too, especially since I had everything I needed at my fingertips!
book wreath finished

Book?  Check.  I had this old dictionary lying around.  Really with the internet who needs a dictionary?  AnywayI used my black stamp ink pad I blacked the outside edges. 
book wreath stamp blacken edges
Hanger?  Check.  This was actually a surprise because I hate these wire hangers and thought I threw them all away.  I'll have to remember to hang onto a few because I have a few other craft projects that need wire hangers.
book wreath hanger

I was looking at the many different wreaths.  Folded paper, accordion style paper and rolled paper.  I decided I liked the rolled style the best.  So I start by rolling each page...
book wreath rolling paper

Then I fold up the bottom.  One to keep the point from getting in the way on the other side, but also to thicken up the base of the roll to keep it secure on the wire and keep the pages from sliding around on the wire wreath.
book wreath rolled folded paper

Stick the hanger though the papers.  I actually used a paperclip to start a hole, but a thumb tack would work well too.  I have a blister on the tip of my pointer finger from pushing the paperclip through the 6 layers of paper!
book wreath hanger punching through paper

Slide  it around to the other side.  Keep going until...
book wreath started

You get back around to the other side.  Re-hook the hanger closed and then I bent down the hook so it didn't stick out above the paper rolls.
book wreath hanger bent finished

Finally hang it on the wall!  Back to my same old same old problem.  My lack of space in our half of my in-law's basement!  But I found an empty wall.  It's not the best place, simply because I can't see the wall, it's around the corner from the main living room, but it's up.  Someday I'll once again have my own space and can find a great place for it.  Most walls have low hanging vents from the heating system and I didn't want to risk hanging it low enough for my kids to destroy it.  It would take them less than a second I think!  Luckily I still have about half the dictionary left, so I can either make a gift for someone or fix mine if my kids find a way to reach it!  Anyway, I LOVE it!
book wreath finishesd hanging