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January 16, 2010

What was it??? A Pinata!

But of what?  A Lego head!  I got this idea and pattern from Manic Mommies, but I wasn't able to find all the Styrofoam shapes and sizes so mine doesn't look quite the same.  First I had to paint it, white and then Yellow, leaving the mouth white.  I wanted him to look a little scared...
lego pinata painting birthday
So I picked this face from the Lego head images I found.  And it's finished!  It was quite the sturdy pinata, out of all the one's I've made (I try to do one for each kids parties) it took the longest to break.  Each kid got three tries before it finally broke!  It would have been nice if it wasn't quite so sturdy since quite a bit of the candy was pretty beat up by the time it broke, but I'll take cute over breakable any day! 
lego head pinata homemade birthday