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January 15, 2010

Lego Crayons

One final use of the Lego mold for this party (I might think of some others for our next Lego party, I have 2 boys) is melting broken crayons for the gift bags.  I've read about how easy it was, but hadn't tried it before.  It worked like a charm!  7 mins at 300 degrees and this is what we got!
silicone lego mold crayons melting
After letting them cool they un-molded great.  They are shorter than the other stuff I made because I couldn't fully fill them, but they color and that's the best part!  Although it was much harder to clean the mold from the crayons than any of the candies were.  I had to really scrub it off.  Because I want the mold to stay food safe I'm not sure if I'll use it for crayons again without a bit more research. 
homemade lego crayons birthday gifts