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January 16, 2010

Party day is here!

It's party time, time to collect all the stuff I've been working on and put it together!  First the hard candy (apple flavored)
homemade hard candy suckers lego mold birthday party
Then the candy melts,
homemade lego candy melts mold birthday party
and the gummie's!!!
homemade lego gummies birthday party mold
I also printed off some Lego coloring pages.  I used regular crayons instead of the homemade Lego ones.  I put those in their gift bags.
lego coloring pages birthday
I also had a "guess how many" Lego game (63 if your wondering.)  The closest guess was only 16 away, although the farthest guess was a LOT more.  But for 7 year old's they did great!
lego birthday party game
And a Pin the... Dot???... on the Lego.  I took a picture of one of our Lego's and blew it up.  Then I photoshopped out one of the "dots" and printed extra "dots" off.  I don't have a massive printer of course so I printed off a few different sheets and pieced it together.  Not as smooth as I'd like it to look like but it turned out good, and the kids had fun. 
lego birthday pin the dot game
Of course the Pinata! (that's my sweet oldest daughter hitting it now, with my son's friends in the back). 
AND the cake.  For more details on the cake check out my cake blog here.  My son loved his party and that's really the most important part, but I was happy with how it turned out too, so bonus!  My younger son is also talking about having a Lego party for his birthday in July, any advice on things to add to make it better for a 5 year old party instead of 7 year old party?
lego bricks birthday cake fondant covered built