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January 12, 2010

Lego Mold

I saw this idea at Instructables and fell in love.  I've been wanting to do this for my kids and my son's birthday theme was the perfect time!  So first you make your 2 story wall around whatever space you want. I went big, but I usually do.  Then fill it in with all the shapes you are interested in using keeping them just one dot apart each.  You don't want to waste space by leaving them too far apart. 
lego prep mold set up
Next take these, I got my food grade silicone here, I used the copy flex so I could pour it into my lego's.  I think I'll order some of the silicone plastique for my cake decorating.  It was just SO much fun!.  So you mix equal parts of the two together. 
food grade silicone
And pour it in.  I ended up using 2 full pounds to fill in my huge board! It says it only takes 4 hours to cure, but it was still tacky on the back, so I just left it overnight!
Lego food grade silicone mold setting
Then peel off the silicone and there you go.  The Lego's that remained in the mold popped RIGHT out.  I let my 2 year old and 4 year old help with that part.  They loved it, and I have to say I did too, there is something SO fun about peeling the Lego's out of this thing.  Since the plastic is food grade there is SO many things you can do with it.  Watch over the next few entries as I talk about all the different things I made using my new mold!
lego mold done