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April 13, 2010

Invitation reveal~

dr seuss birthday party invitation book front page
So I got the idea for a book from this blogger, Michelle and she ordered and designed them with/from Cassandra on Etsy.    Anyway, I took the idea of a book and ran with it.  Of course I wrote my own story.  So I bought blank cards from a scrapbooking section.  That was a BIG mistake!  They weren't sized properly for my printer and even the custom setting didn't work!  It was a major pain but in the end I worked it out.  Next time I'll buy the printer friendly blank cards!
To design the cards I used Publisher.  I have to say I LOVE publisher.  I publish a family newsletter every 4 months on it, do my business cards, labels, stickers, Christmas cards etc...  All on publisher.  I also use Photoshop for a lot of projects, but publisher is easier to use for some projects.  I print all my envelopes with publisher too, using a homemade address book from excel.
dr seuss birthday party invitation book 4th page
When they were done printing I put the two cards together, so it's 8 front and back pages.  I wanted them to stay together so I used a sewing machine to sew them together.  It was easy, fast and fun!  The back page had all the information on the party.  They turned out even BETTER than I'd hoped.  AND they were still light enough that they only took one stamp!  I am SOOO exciting for this party, it's coming together really well!
dr seuss party invitation back page