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April 2, 2010

Flashback Friday- Thread crochet blessing dress

I actually bought the pattern for this dress back in Japan when I first got interested in Thread crochet.  We weren't pregnant yet, but getting ready for it.  Then the next baby was a boy, so this didn't work.  Then we had a miscarriage and THEN got pregnant with this little girl.  But because of the miscarriage I was nervous to start it, and couldn't quite get as invested until pretty far along into my pregnancy.  Good thing I get manic once I get started.  I finished this dress start, restart (the gauge wasn't quite right and after doing half the top I restarted) to finish took 2 weeks!
white thread crochet dress hat pink ribbon baby blessing
Making the under dress was more of a challenge.  I had to make the pattern up myself.  The dress itself fit great, but the under dress was a bit too tight!  But isn't this dress exquisite?  You can't see it but there are small pink beads crochet into the dress.  I bought a second pattern from the same designer.  I wonder if I'll get to make it ever (hint hint hubby!)
thread crochet dress white blessing baby collar details pink ribbon
It had a sweet little hat too.  I should have made it bigger as well, it barely fit around her noggin!  We moved when she was 5 weeks old so I didn't get around to getting her professional pictures taken until she was 2 months old!  Luckily it still fit, barely!
crochet dress
These shoes!  SOOO precious, but the shoes I made to fit the pattern didn't even come CLOSE to fitting my Sasquatch.  I doubled the footprint size, and it was still too small in the end.  But it fit for this one day, and really that's all it needed to fit for! 
crochet baby booties ribbon white thread pink