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March 28, 2010


zipper purse sewing finished flower
So I bought some continuous zipper yesterday.  I knew JUST what I wanted to do with it!  A Zipper purse!  Not super practical having a purse you can completely unzip, but SO cute and fun.  Since I hadn't made one before I took my time and lots of pictures.
zipper purse sewing starting
First I folded the length that I wanted the bag's width.  Overlap the edges and sewed up to the point, folding it in and sewing that down too!
zipper purse sewing start corner
After that I unzipped the rest and wrapped it around, creating a corner and sewing over the end, folding another corner and then sewing down.
zipper purse sewing corner

zipper purse sewing corner finished
I will look like this.  Just keep sewing the two sides together until it's as long as you want it and end it the same way you started it, only backwards.  Overlapping the ends first and doing the small point last.  I also attached a zipper handle and sweet zipper flower.
zipper purse sewing flower
This is what it looks like completely unzipped!
zipper purse sewing unzipped
I learned a ton from my first one and actually gave it to the kids and made a few more.  Another purse with a flower, and this sweet ruffled clutch.
zipper purse sewing ruffle clutch
And this red coin purse for my daughter.  This was actully made from a regular 36 inch zipper that I got on sale.  If the purse and clutch sell well, or at least generate a lot of inquaries I'll have to find some more colorful continuous zippers!
zipper purse sewing red coin
And I just couldn't help myself.  I'm a fan of Craftaholic's Anonymous and just HAD to make this sweet zippered headband!  Maybe tomorrow I'll get my hubby to take a picture of it in actual hair...
zipper ruffle headband
So I'm putting the purse and clutch up for sale on Etsy so check it out, and let me know if you'd like a different color or size!  I am totaly in love with making them and would happily make a ton more for you guys!

bittersweet craft shop

Update: I finally got in my new zipper colors, see them HERE!

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