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March 13, 2010


beaded baby girl socks options crochet sale
I started making these socks a few years ago for my daughter, nieces and baby shower gifts.  I can usually finish a pair while watching a show or movie.  Most of mine are packed up since my "baby" is turning 3 next month.  But she LOVED these, and so did everyone else.
tri beads crochet socks baby toddler name personalized
These were my top 3 favorites: personalized socks.
tri beaded crochet socks baby toddler
Red (my favorite color to dress my kids in, easy to find them when we go out)
tri beads crochet socks baby toddler
And Rainbow!  Anyway, I've added these socks to my Etsy store.
And the reason I still have some out?  My "baby" loves to wear them on her hands!
beaded sock hands silliness
My husband is going back to school to get his PHD so I get to be the breadwinner for the next 6 years! I'm trying to find some great items to sell than I enjoy making.  One idea is to sell food grade silicone molds, like my Lego one (except I can't do Lego's because they are copyrighted).  What do you think?

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