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March 18, 2010

Recycling and organization!

I saw this post at Not so Idle Hands and loved the idea.  I have quite a few glass jars lying around.  But I don't need them for my kitchen.  No way, I go through WAY more flour in a day than any of these jars could hold.  BUT remember my corner?  Full of wall to wall, floor to ceiling boxes?  Sometimes it's frustrating digging through and moving all those boxes for something relatively small.  Or something I use a lot, but is in a heavy box and therefore on the bottom.  So I thought this project could solve the problem for me!
glass jar lids organization
So I took the lids and layed them out, using a spray can metal primer.
glass jar lids prime
Now I loved the metallic grey she used, but my corner really needs some color.  So I grabbed the Pink!  I know it's not really a grown up color, but what can I say, I love pink, almost as much as I love red.  Maybe I'll change it up someday if I get sick of pink, but for now it's a great spring color.   And considering we're still getting snow I need a pick me up!
glass jar lids painted pink
Then filled the jars and popped on the lids!  You can see what I started organizing, ribbons, beads (for socks)wire, buttons, glass tiles (for an upcoming project), etc...  Perfect...
glass jars painted lids organization crafts
Then I went by DI and found a WHOLE lot more jars!   Now I have my glue sticks, pens, pencils, erasers, dremel bits, scratch pad, tape, thumbtacks and more right at my fingertips!  Now I just have to close the shade and hope my almost 3 year old doesn't get too curious until I can find a slightly more out of reach place (right now she'll have to climb on a chair, then table to reach them, but I'm sure she won't mind...).  This is my version of spring "cleaning".  I would like to put labels on them, but rather than etch I think I'll add some chalkboard paint so I can move the insides around still!
organization craft supplies pink painted lids glass jars