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March 19, 2010

Flashback Friday- first childs birthday party!

It seemed fitting with the birthday party this week to flash back to my first birthday party after being a mother (not mine, my child's).  Well technically it was her half birthday.  Yes in my family growing up we only had three kids, and since we all loved parties we celebrated half birthday's to, getting a lot more parties that way (being treated special, picking dinner, getting half  a cake, but not presents or anything).  ANYWAY.   This is my oldest at 6 months old (I can't believe she's 8 3/4's now time FLIES!)
We went with a Bug theme, creating 2 dozen bug cupcakes and getting her all bug themed gifts.  Of course then the only family we had in town got sick and the next closest family couldn't make it so we ended up with 24 cupcakes for my husband and I.  Not a great way to start the  birthday traditions (and it didn't get any better, we moved the weekend before her first birthday so she got basic yellow cake with chocolate frosting and ice cream and that was it!).  Anyway my birthday party creating skils have gotten better as well as my frosting abilities!
I remember how much my husband hated that frog on the far right.  When it died he refused to let me get new batteries.  It was REALLY loud.  But the car seat mobile on the left all our kids enjoyed over time!
bug birthday half baby party