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February 4, 2010

"She in Big Twa-bow"

In the words of my 4 year old boy, "P".  "S", my baby girl (2 1/2) got in BIG twa-bow (trouble) today.  I was painting a new project today.  It's TOTALLY NOT WORKING and is SO frustraing.  I painted 4 layers in the afternoon.  My kid totally left it alone, and were great about not touching it.  But even after, the 4 thin layers it still wasn't magnetic.  SO frustrating to spend money on something and have it not work.  I thought that maybe I painted the first layers too thin so I decided to add a few more thin layers.  I'm worried if it will work or not and if I wasted half a can of magnetic paint for nothing!  Any advice out there?   HELP!!!

Anyway, I painted the fifth layer and went to put some supplies in the sink.  I came back around the corner and found this:
s magnetic paint footprints
Finding the culprit was easy.  She hid in her room, but I just followed the clues. See that face?  She KNOW'S she's in trouble so she's already getting mad at me for the punishment that she knows is coming.   
S in trouble
Of course me taking her picture always perks her up!  Maybe she thought she got out of it.  But no-way Jose!  Now I have to go help my sweet hubby clean the floor!
S walked in paint