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February 5, 2010

Flashback Friday- Thread Crochet

Usually how I get into a new craft is I see a project that I love and learn how to do it.  When we were in Japan and I had just learned how to crochet I saw this book.  THE book, insiring!  It had the most beautiful thread crochet patterns.  I made a few of the smaller pieces before I decided to make this one for my mom for Mothers day.
thread crochet tablecloth japanese pattern
I started it to late for that year, but finished it in time for Mothers day the next year!  And she loved it!  The think about rounds is the first hundred rounds goes SO fast, by the time you get to the outer rounds it takes forever for just ONE round!  It was so worth it.  I started a different style for myself, a tuilip based one, perfect for the spring.  But it's about triple the size so I'm STILL not done!  Maybe it's another goal to add to my list...