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February 12, 2010

Flashback Friday- Cross Stitch

I actually don't remember when I started this one.  Or even when I finished it.  But it was sometime during my High School years.  I remember wishing it was two little girls, since I have little sisters, not a little brother.  But now it fit's nicely since my oldest 2 are a girl and a boy.  Since they are only 19 months apart they were always really close.  Then school started, and now it's not the same.  Hopefully they'll get over it soon enough and be as close as my sisters and I are when they are older. 
cross stitch moon kids
Anyway, another old Cross Stitch.  Maybe next time I'll show you the back of one of my cross stitches.  According to my mom they are unusually clean and organized.  Also I need to share my current cross stitch project....