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February 14, 2010

Valentines hair

Both of my girls have short hair and tender heads. So I tend to try to be nice about it and not "do" their hair every day. But while we were visiting my family it was not only Valentines, but my niece's birthday and baptism. So with that many special events rolled into one I just had to do something cute. I grew up with SUPER long hair, like down past your bum hair. My mom did it every day in some cute way. But my girls just aren't into it, and obviously I rebeled since I havn't had hair past my shoulders since... 1995? In fact I chopped it off again this weekend, the longest strand? 2 inches. ANYWAY, I needed something cute you could do with short hair, and then I saw this!
I only got two hearts on my youngest, and 1 heart on my oldest, but it turned out cute, subtle, but sweet. I liked it!