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January 1, 2010

Yearly Ornaments

Every year growing up my mom got us each a new ornament.  So when I got married I had 20+ ornaments to start my own tree.  So when I had kids we continued the tradition.  The first few years we bought them.  Then one year we were living in Japan for Christmas.  I not only didn't have a tree, but no where to look for ornaments.  Since I had gotten into origami while living in Japan I started looking around for a good design.  I decided to us 'Stiffy' to stiffen some fabric and use that instead of paper.  I found 30 different prints that I LOVED and got them.  Then I found this star origami instructions and fell in love.  I ended up folding about 60 stars and mailed 40 away to family members. 
fabric oragami star ornament
Then I got into Crocheting and thread crocheting!  I found these great books on crochet snowflakes and made about 90 of them.  I did give quite a few away again.  I got them all done in one year, but didn't get around to stiffening them.  So the next year I got around to soaking them in 'Stiffy' and pinning them out to dry. 
thread crochet snowflake ornament
I decided to stick with my star theme (there were some 5 pointed snowflakes...  it counts).  And found some inspiration in some wired ornaments.  I have to say I liked these when they were first done, but the next year when I pulled them out they were flattened and just not what I had envisioned when I planned them.  I think someday I'll try again with MUCH thicker wire for the outline and then wrap it tight instead of lose. 
Wire star ornament
I would love to get into ceramics more.  I'd love to throw vases and do glass blowing too!  Someday...  Anyway this was actually a craft through a church craft day (Super Saturday for those in the "know").  They were also a bit more expensive and time consuming so I only did 5 of these (one for each kid and one for my husband and I to share).  I'd love to go back and make more of these some day to add to the balance of my tree. 
ceramic star santa ornament
Last year we were in the middle of yet another move as well as fixing our house to get it on the market so I didn't have time to make one, but I fell in LOVE with THESE and decided to buy them in honor of TX (where we were living at the time, I also have an AZ ornament from our years there).  And finally this year I decided to try my hand at Mod Podge for the first time!  Each side of these star's are different!  They were fun to make and turned out GREAT!  I used my Dremel to drill the holes.  I LOVE getting to use my dremel!
So now I'm already looking for inspiration for next year!  Any suggestions or ideas, remember it needs to have a STAR somewhere in the design!  I'm thinking of glass etching, or felt???  Help!!