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January 1, 2010

ANOTHER blog!!!

That's what my husband will say when he hears about this.  I have my (private) family blog, my EXTENDED family blog (that no one updates so I might just cancel it) and then my cake blog.  We've moved every year for the last 9 years with another move on the horizon for this summer. Once we get settled in this next move we should be there for 5-6 years.  So I'll be ramping up my cakes to a full blown business!  I'm excited for that and LOVE making cakes.  At the same time I just LOVE crafts, and while the cakes are a great outlet I enjoy all sorts of other crafts as well.  I like to keep myself occupied (not that I'm not busy with 4 kids).  I tend to get on kicks and focus on one kind of craft style for weeks/months at a time, and then switch to something else.  My husband lost his job in June and in July we moved into his parent's basement.  We're very lucky that they were generous to let us live there.  But we moved from a 3600 sq/ft house to 2 bedrooms in a 50 year old house.  All 6 of us!  I didn't mind squeezing into the 2 rooms but the loss of MY room (not bedroom, my office/craft room) was hard.  SO I claimed a corner of the downstairs living room.  Here is what it looks like!
craft supplies room corner desk
All of those boxes are different crafts supplies and stuff.  Actually 1/3+ is cake stuff, 3 boxes are crocheting (yarn takes up a lot of space) and the rest are each different craft stuff.  So far my crafts/talents/supplies include:
Cake decorating pans/supplies/tools/airbrush
Cookie cutters and cupcake stuff
Crochet supplies tools
Kids crafting stuff
Scrapbooking paper/stuff (not much, since I don't scrapbook, it's just for other crafts, like baby announcements etc...)
Paints and supplies
Dremel and bits
Party supplies
Cross stitching
Pictures/albums and negatives
Sewing machine, fabric and thread
Xyron machine
and finally Misc...
And here is my desk and computer