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January 3, 2010

First Quilt plan!

So one of the things that been on my over-all goal list for the last few years is learn to quilt.  So when my middle sister gave me yet ANOTHER beautiful quilt for Christmas this year I decided that I had to move forward on it.  I know I CAN do it, I'm a visual person and quilts just make sense (the angles/corners/lines, etc...  I can SEE how they work).  But I'm sure it's going to be hard, time consuming, with lots of learning, taking out stiches, etc...  But I look forward to it.  I still learn something new every time I make a cake!  A few years ago I actually bought some quilting books and even read them all.  I just never seem to have the space to actually unpack my sewing machine (also it's my Grandmothers original sewing machine, the thing is OLD ladies, but I'll never get a new one if I don't prove to my husband it will get used...  Well this year is the first in a long time I'm not nursing or pregnant, AND my mother in law, upstairs, has a sewing room, new ACCESSIBLE machine AND a serger.  Perfect time to try.  And then I found my inspiration and pattern.  It uses a few different techniques, so what better to learn on.  Without further ado here is the pattern I fell completely in love with (Made for Moda by Natalia Bonner!)

And while I like burgundy and even pink I'm not a fan of light blue.  So I picked Aster Manor by Moda for my color scheme.  I actually ordered the fabric this weekend so no backing down now!  I'm telling the blogsphere so I'm held responsible to finish!