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March 29, 2010

Silhouette jewelry

silhouette ideas options
I was thinking that personalized silhouette jewelry so I've been playing around and trying different options.  The glass tile was too large to hang multiple images.  But the resin style still isn't dry after 3 days!  And it was super messy.  So what size/style do you like?  I'll get the supplies and start selling them once I know.  Don't mind the wet spots in the images.  I guess I didn't seal the images very well before I poured the resin on.  I learned quite a few things that will help next time.  But before I did a bunch more I wanted some opinions better than my husbands.  So the glass tile (but smaller, any suggestions?) or on wood, or in the bevel?  Also square, rectangle, round or maybe oval?  I was thinking the glass tile in the scrabble tile size (third one down) but do  you think it's still too large?  I made a full set (second row) to see what it would look like with all 4 of my kids, but they were still too big.