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March 30, 2010

Denim purse

So while my two youngest are still wearing diapers they are getting old enough that I don't have to carry a diaper bag with me anymore.  I just have a stash of diapers and wipes in the car for emergencies, but don't have to lug around 30 lbs with me anymore.  BUT I don't have a purse, so my wallet, keys and cell are always in my pockets.  Not only stretching out my jeans but it's simply NOT flattering.  Really, ladies AND men, stop putting anything heavier than 2 key's in your pocket's.  Seriously, look in the mirror sometime.
I've been looking for a cute purse.  One of the reasons I made the zipper purses is so I can have one. I've been secretly in love with purses, but haven't had reason's to buy any for the last 9 years.  So now I can start collecting some really cute ones.  Last week I found this cute purse from Made by Rae and thought it would look really cute in some left over denim I had!
denim buttercup purse zipper
I was right, CUTE!  I even used one of my new colorful zippers instead of a clasp.  I even got to use my denim twin needles for the first time, don't you LOVE it!  If anyone want's one I'd be happy to get the licensing from Rae and make a few more!  I think a red, burgundy or cream zipper would look cute with the denim too.  I used denim on the inside as well, but any fabric would be cute!
blue denim purse zipper