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March 11, 2010


canvas picture japan mt yoshino cherry blossoms sakura
So I finally got around to ordering my "free" canvas from Canvas People.  Mine actually wasn't free because I went with a much larger size, but it was heavily discounted!  We used to live in Japan and I fell in love.  I miss it every day and while moving back hasn't worked out I do hope to visit and maybe even retire their someday.  ANYWAY this picture I took on a wonderful spring day in April of 2004.  It's been my screensaver for the past 6 years (wow, has it really been that long?) and I FINALLY have it on my wall.

I actually have a few other pictures I took that same weekend Japan that I love and I'm offering all of them on my Etsy store for my fellow Japan fans!
sakura cherry blossoms nara japan picture Osaka castle cherry blossom japan picture sakura canvas cherry blossoms japan sakura picture osaka temple sakura cherry blossoms picture tree
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