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March 5, 2010

Flashback Friday Crochet baby blankets

So after finishing the thread crochet tablecloth for my mom I got back into yarn!  I got into baby blankets, they are just SO easy and so fast and it's satisfying to have a project you can finish (unlike the thread crochet tablecloth or cross stitched stocking I'm STILL working on for myself!).  I made one for both of my sisters babies, for cousin's kids and for my sister in law's baby.  I also got to make one for my latest two babies.  This one was for P's baby blessing (that's my mom, he's about a month old here)
Baby blanket  blessing white crochet
And this one was for my baby girl!  I just LOVE the ruffles on the outside of this one!  The inner square went really quick, the ruffles took a LOT longer!  But it was done before she was born so yippee!  This is my youngest, S, 1 day old!   I need to lay out these blankets for better pictures.  This just doesn't do it justice (but she's sure cute and chunky, huh?)
pink baby blanket green ruffles crochet