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April 20, 2010

Silhouette earrings and necklace

So I finally got around to making the silhouette jewlery I was hoping to make. I love these longer earwires, the tiles dangle and move well, and it looks great!  I actually made two different sizes of images for the earrings. What do you like better?  First is the small full images at the bottom of the glass tile.
silhouette pendant charm earrings child children custom personalized etsy small front
Can I just say, taking a picture of your ear's is HARD!  I've got to teach someone around here HOW to take a picture so I can make this look nicer!  Or I guess let someone else wear them for a photo!  But you can see the length and get an idea this way!
silhouette pendant charm earrings child children custom personalized etsy small front example
And next is the larger image but only half the face.  What do you think?  Since I have 4 kids, not two, I actually put images of the boys on the back side.  And with my super short hair you can actually SEE the back!
silhouette pendant charm earrings child children custom personalized etsy large front
Next up, the necklace. I'm still looking for the perfect spacer beads for in between, since I have so many kids.  Obviously this works great with 1 or two kids, even three.  Four is probably pushing it, but heck, why not!  I love it!  I can't wait to wear them tomorrow!  These are actually made with glass tiles that are scrabble size.  Much better than my first attempt with the 1 inch square!   Not to big, not to small, with a teeny tiny ball chain!
pendants silhouette necklace charm glass tile scrabble custom personalized etsy children multiple36_edit
For the backs of these I actually just put their initials.  I know you can't really see them with the bail, but I didn't want a color, since they might flip over and I want to be able to wear them with everything, and plain white seemed silly.  So an initial was a good choice.  Of course I maybe should have made them smaller and put them lower!  Oh well, next time!
silhouette necklace charm pendant  glass tile scrabble custom personalized etsy initials back
See?  They could really use some spacers...   Anyway, I'm adding these to my Etsy store and they'd make GREAT mother's day gifts!!!  You could also put the pendant on a charm bracelet, or like my grandma wears a charm NECKLACE (actually she has like 5 now...)
sihouette necklace kids etsy pendant charm glass tile scrabble
For a tutorial on how to create the silhouettes yourself go to this tutorial I did a few months ago HERE

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