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March 25, 2010

Egg decorations!

blown out egg drilled holes easter
A few days ago I found this picture and story about Franc Grom.  I thought, I bet I could do something like that with my handy dandy dremel!  So first I blew out some eggs (for instructions look here on my sisters blog).  then I played with a few eggs trying to pick the best drill for the job.
blown out eggs dremel drill easter
I ended up going with this high speed cutter.  I can control the size of the hole this way.  BUT because of it's shape it doesn't cut the inside... skin???  What would you call that stuff?
blown out egg drilled holes design easter
So then I took the small drill bit and ran it along the insides of the holes to clean them out. This was the smallest drill I could find.  The 1/32th of an inch.  Looking at the pictures of what Franc Grom does his is SO much thinner than my bit.  I'm not even sure where he get's his, but I'd love to find a smaller set.
dremel drill small egg holes easter
Also my eggs kept breaking when I put the holes to close to each other.  I have to wonder how he get's rid of his inside "skin" as well as how he get's his designs so close together.  Does he treat the outside with something first?  Something to make it stronger?  If I try these again I'd cover it with something, maybe mod podge, first to help strengthen them, and even gloss them up a bit.  Then try it.  I would love to have been able to get more detail but I didn't want to push my luck with even more eggs breaking.
hollow egg drilled holes decoration easter

So I decided to try this whole linking up party thing. I'm not sure if I'm going to like it, all these links on the bottom of my post's. But I want to try everything at least once. I'll most likely shave it down to just a few, but since I'm new to all this I didn't want to leave anyone out!

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